Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Hard Reset Sharp Fx Plus

This Post is Dedicated to to getting you off from the Google sign-in prompt, if you locked your self out. First take the battery out, and put it back in. Now Hold the Sym button (on the keyboard) and the power button simultaneously. Now if you get to the triangle with the android symbol your on the right page. then select wipe data/factory reset by using the volume buttons. then to select, use the return key(on the keyboard). then your all ready to go, it should go to the att screen and then the screen will tell you its loading. Viola.
If you need any help call Sharp 1-800-237-4277

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Anonymous said...

once you get the triangle and android logo from holding power and SYM, press the home button to pull up the restore options.
this worked for me!! thanks!!